Title: The Man who Laughs at Locks
Size: One sheet, 26 x 40 inches
Date: c. 1902
Lithographer: Ackerman Quikley
Image: Raymond in chains 

Only one example of this poster is known to exist.  This poster may explain some of the animosity between Raymond and Houdini.

From the collection of Charles Greene III

Raymond, Maurice
(Morris Raymond Saunders)
The Great Raymond
1877 - 1948

Title: Mysterious Hand
Size: Half sheet

Title: Portrait with handwriting
Size: 22 x 32
Lithographer: Moody Bros.

Title: Here's to Raymondism
Size: 10 x 18, Window card
Lithographer:  Moody Bros. Birmingham, England

Title: Fairies & variant
Sizes: 22 x 32
Lithographer: Moody Bros.

Note:  These are two separate posters.  They are displayed together to show the variation between the two. 

The image with the lighter blue background and the Pan figure is from the Tim Moore collection.

Vintage magic posters and related items from
the golden age of magic, 1890 - 1930.

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