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When was your Friedlander poster printed?
Crack the code to learn when your Friedlander poster was printed.  Friedlander Serial Code

Books and printed material:
Magic, 1400s - 1950s: This heavy-weight champion covers 500 years of magic history and features more than 1,000 posters, photographs and engravings.  This is a must have book for the person who is serious about magic history and its art.  The 650 page volume was written by Mike Caveney, Jim Steinmeyer and Ricky Jay.  It was edited by Tashen editor Noel Daniel.

Hocus Pocus - A tale of magnificent magicians by Paul Kieve.  A fascinating fictional tale inspired by the word's greatest magicians from 1890 - 1930.  With an introduction by Daniel Radcliffe, Hocus Pocus takes would-be wizards through a parade of the world's top magicians from Ionia to Chung Ling Soo to Harry Houdini and unveils secrets to some of their most spell-binding magic tricks.

“The Centipede” - Reprint of the collecting newsletter that was anonymously printed in the last century.

“100 Years of Magic Posters” by Charlie and Regina Reynolds.   Although out of print, this book can be found on EBay and at other web sources.

Magic - A Pictorial History of Conjurers in the Theater” by David Price.

“Magician's Road to Fame” by Laurance Glen.

Web Resources:
The Library of Congress poster collection  See one-of-a-kind magic posters from America's collection.  Simply enter the word "magic" in the search engine.  Then sit back and enjoy dozens of unique images.

Martinka & Co. - Auctions of magic posters and memorabilia

Potter & Potter auctions - Chicago, IL - Auctions of magic posters and memorabilia

Magic Collector’s Association - Annual meetings for collectors

New England Magic Collector’s Association - Bi-annual meetings for collectors.

American Museum of Magic - Marshall, MI

Ephemera - Discovering the world of old paper.

Postcards of Magicians - The postcard collection of Rev. Msgr. Vincent Foy.  To find out more about this site, contribute information, ask about a poster, or to buy or sell a poster, send a message.

Kellar’s “Centipede” gets some modern-day attention

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Vintage magic posters and related items from
the golden age of magic, 1890 - 1930.

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