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Vintage magic posters and related items from
the golden age of magic, 1890 - 1930.

(Julia Ferrett)
1852 - 1916

Okita is the mother of Ionia(Clementine de Vere) and the wife of Charles de Vere.

Title: Okita with fan
Performer: Okita
Size: 25.5 x 12.5
Date: c. 1900                           

Okita on stage
Size: 19 x 23
Date: c. 1900
Lithographer: Ch. Levy, Paris

Size: Panel: 10 x 20
Date: c. 1900
Lithographer: Canning & Co.

Courtesy of the Nielsen Collection

Size: 1/2 sheet - 20 x 30
Date: c. 1900
Lithographer: Tom Merry Litho Courtesy of the Nielsen Collection